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  Christie  Miller:  
Speaker, Author, Teacher,  Mentor, Trainer, Director

Christian Speaking Ministry

Christie Miller’s love of the Word and her love of the Lord  inspire FRESH LOOK THINKING!®

     Christie “speaks” reality with humor and honesty while pouring  into her audiences the how-to’s of turning positive corners in their lives and personal relationships…..all centered in Jesus Christ as the gracious giver of wisdom, truth, and change.   
       The Lord has walked (and even run) through some very challenging times with Christie, and each lesson has drawn her nearer to His heart and purposes.   She was called to speak 15 years ago, and she said, “Okay, Lord …as long as you give me something of worth to say to people in this broken world.”  God has been faithful.  He continues to give her truths from the Word and life for each group to which she speaks!           As a conservative, evangelical Christian of 45 years, Christie brings the love of the Lord to her audiences in a gentle and profound way centered on the Word!   She’s walks what she talks., and has a passion for her sisters and brothers in the Lord.  


"I am willing to travel hours  to hear her speak!"

"Get ready to laugh

and to receive a challenge!"

"Never a dull moment.....I was at the end of my seat with her practical stories

and applications."

"She's effective.

I love her style of humor!"

"I could listen to her

for hours. "

"She's so makes

 you want to get real!"

"She's gone through confusion and victory in finding out who she is!!"

"She's in touch with the practical realities of a busy woman's life!"

"She got me laughing, crying, and then learning!"

"She's a ‘get real’ type of woman. Not just emotional fan-fare. She gives it straight."


"Christie is a woman of

truth and wisdom."

"Her heart for her audiences and

her passion for her faith is inspirational."

"She's in touch with truth.  Best retreat  I've ever been to,

and I had given

up on women's retreats."

"Not a superficial bone in this woman's body!!  How refreshing!"

"Her passion for life and her  Lord is dynamite!

She's motivating… making you want to give life, love,

and relationships another try!"


Comments About Christie’s  Speaking Ministry

Speaking Topics

Retreat topics and  Single topics that can be combined into a retreat.


    The Father Image of God

    Finding Peace in a Hurried World (2 messages)

    Exchanging Your "Ames" for Healthy "Aims"

    Hearing From a Whispering God

    Married But Walking Alone

    A Faith for All the Chapters of Our Lives

    Avoiding Burnout! Living in a Place of Rest

    Times of Peace; Times of Pain

    Capturing the Heart of God

    Help! My Personality Got Me into Trouble, AGAIN!

    Conquering Depression: Getting the Wind Back in My Sails

    Parenting Without Intimidation

    That Was Then, This Is Now...and Neither is God's Way

    The Master Workmanship
of God

    The "U" Principle of Living

        Taking Your Love Out of This World

    When an Earthquake Rocks Your Comfort Zone!

    Common Sense is Just Too Common

    Guarding The Windows
of Your Heart

        Passing the Baton of Faith on to A New Generation

    Help! I'm The Mother of a Teenager!

    Firmly Planted on
A Tilting Planet

    Eternal Focus in the

Here and Now

    God Never Gives Fruit Baskets
as Gifts

    The Beauty of Balance

Living Fully As a Child of God

Choices of the Heart:
Six Defining Moments That Could Change Your Life!

Renewal: Taking our Walks To A Deeper Level

Finding Balance In A Tilting World

Perspectives!  Adding “Just Around The Corner Thinking®


  Getting the Wind Back In Your Sails: Avoiding Burnout and   Depression       


That Was Then and This Is
A Whole New Now!

Parenting Without Intimidation

 Being Set Free To Love!

Owning What's Yours - Guarding What's Yours!

 Embracing the 300 A Day Rule!

 Swimming Upstream in a Downstream Culture

    Preparing for Your Empty Nest

    Who Has The Keys To Your Heart


He Delights in Us!!

In this new retreat topic, Christie speaks from Psalms 18:19, "He rescues us because He delights in us."   He rescues us with great delight, like the good shepherd......from ourselves, from difficult relationships, from harm, and from situations that are coming against us, but His rescue is not always what we might imagine.  This is a three to four part retreat topic that hits on God’s  practical and delightful intervention into our lives!

Being Wise Women in Tough Times

In this retreat, Christie shows us

how to become Esthers and not Sarahs in our responses to hard times.  It is a faith builder!


Adventurous Treasure Hunters:

    Sharing In His Secrets

    Loving  With His Ways

    Seeking His Heart

    Living In His Power

Being a Heart Wise Woman

My Victory:  Making Heart-Wise Choices

    My Identity: Who's That Woman In the Mirror?

    My Journey: Maturing on Love's Freeway

    My Significance: Anyone Up for An Adventure?

Victorious Choices: Secret Battlefields That Women Face
   Who Made You Mrs. Fix It?

    Why Not Expect the Unexpected?

    Common Sense is Just Too Common

    and Is Your Love Out of This World?

Seeking God's Ultimate

Topics are taken from I Timothy 1:5.  "The ultimate aim of the Christian ministry is to produce the love that springs from a pure heart (session 1), a good conscience (session 2) and a genuine faith (session 3)."

Journeying Towards Abundance

 (3-4 sessions)

    Beginnings of Abundance

    Barriers to Abundance

    Beatitudes of Abundance

    Blessings of Abundance

Relationships 101: How Women Can Nurture Healthy Relationships.

(One to two other speakers join me in this retreat topic!)

The Measure of a Woman
 in Ministry

(3 sessions)

This is a special series for women in ministry (either vocationally or as volunteers). It is great for a one or two day setting, and would be a wonderful encouragement for the staff women and volunteers of any church or Christian organization.

    The Measure of a Woman in God's Eyes

    The Measure of a Woman in Relationships

    The Measure of a Woman in Ministry


He Delights in Us!!


    Expressions for Us  from the Christmas story.

    I'll Be Home for Christmas

    Finding Peace in the

Scurry of the Season

    Stop! Look! and Listen!
This Christmas


    Little and Big Girls' Dreams
 End in Jesus

    Friendship and Community

    My Greatest Fashion Statement: A Garland of Grace!

    The Master Workmanship of God

    Enjoying Life's Unexpected Gifts

    Open Heart, Exciting Life

As a popular 20-year veteran speaker, Christie  is also
President  and Trainer for  Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau.  

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