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Equipping For Excellence

A personal mentoring program for English teachers !


1. On the web page Teachers Pay Teachers -


 This is a web site where teachers from all over the United States in all subjects make their lesson plans available for sale as very reasonable prices. Go to TPT  


2. At my Mentoring Program which takes place at my home or at your school for a group of teachers.

$100 per individual. Call me for group prices.

Each teacher will come home loaded with grade-related lesson plans ready to copy and use the very next day.

Classes are held on from 10-4 on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.  Lunch included at my home.

 My ideas are designed to inspire students to learn with confidence and to love writing!

Contact Information:
For Christie Miller

2818 Martin Road Bellingham, WA 98226


After 36 years of teaching, I”m opening my file cabinets of creative, tried and true lesson plans to teach English to grades

Come spend a day with me and it will save you HOURS of prep work!!  

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