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  Christie  Miller:  
Speaker, Author, Teacher,  Mentor, Trainer, Director

          Relevant!  A Fresh Look!

    As A Speaker: Christie began speaking to a great variety of groups over 20 years ago as an educator and as a Christian speaker. She was so frustrated by speakers who were not challenging and often spoke out of everyone’s reality.  Her heart is to serve and she does so with honest, relevancy and practicality!

 As A Mentor: As a  37-year veteran teacher
(English, history, speech and drama),  Christie has
created many curriculums for the classroom
 that have proven successful  to students of
all levels.  In addition to  speaking at school
conferences presenting these ideas, she also offers
a mentoring program for English teachers.  You
can come and spend a day with her and come
home with a year-full of ideas you can implement


As An Author:  Christie loves to write.  She has written numerous devotionals and books.  Her newest book is titled When Godly Women Are Overweight (20 Myths We Feed Ourselves and 40 Ways Out).  Each of her books and devotionals are rich with insights into life and relationships.     

As A Trainer:  For 20 years, Christie has been training Christian speakers to deepen their messages and to speak so the audience can better listen.  Her training classes are held twice a year.  She heads up
Northwest Christian Speakers Bureau.  


As A Marriage Coach: Christie, along with her friend Deb Kalmbach,   facilitates a weekend retreat for wives called NEW HOPE FOR MARRIAGE.  It is for women who are frustrated and feel stuck in a marriage that needs changing. She will learn how to have a voice and to speak truth in love in the relationship.                                 

As A Drama Director: Christie has been directing Creative Youth Theater (for kids 6-17) for 20 years and writes the plays used for their productions.   

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Her new books:
When Godly Women Are Overweight


 For Godly Women Who Are Overweight

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Forgiveness Chart

Protective Personality Chart